Jenny Chi & ChiBossa

Jenny Chi & ChiBossa

In the beginning of the 60s a group of young bourgeois musicians among them, João Gilberto and Tom Jobim, were producing exceptional music in Rio de Janeiro. That this feeling of sensual desire and soft melancholy still exists, Jenny Chi and her band ChiBossa have been proving for over 15 years. With a velvety voice, Jenny Chi pays tribute to old Bossa Nova, celebrating the gentle blend of jazzy sounds, samba rhythms and a melody, sung with intimacy and the softness of Portuguese.

Jenny Chi discovered her love for Bossa Nova at the end of her teenage years, immediately being captured by its melancholic and wistful mood. Playing her guitar, she sang the songs just as João Gilberto once did. Later, Jenny Chi spent half a year in Brazil to experience the temperament of the country and engrain it in her voice and her music. After returning to Switzerland in 1998, the Chinese-Swiss singer formed the Bossa Nova band "Jenny Chi & ChiBossa" with two musician friends.

Their debut album, "Jenny Chi & ChiBossa" was released in 2007, featuring 12 old Bossa Nova gems by composers such as Chico Buarque, Tom Jobim, Ary Barroso and Baden Powell. It also includes an original composition with guitarist, Ademir Cândido, which was recorded live by Martin Pearson (Queen, Roger Waters). The unpolished intimacy and authenticity of the music enchants listeners and immediately lures them in.

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